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Pleasure Pasture, Part I
Friday afternoon…
The sound of a vibrating smartphone breaks the silence inside of the white Volkswagen Jetta.  The gorgeous blonde behind the wheel takes a French-manicured hand and reaches for the device that’s sending vibrations into her thigh where it rests.  She diverts her mesmerizing brown eyes from the road to address a text message from a girlfriend.
“I really wish you wouldn’t do that,” the younger blonde rebukes from the passenger seat.  
“It’s a bad habit and it’s dangerous.  Can you put the stupid phone down and leave it there, please?”
“Well aren’t you a goody two-shoes,” Emma replies, typing away. “Mommy’s little angel.”
Alice rolls her eyes and mumbles, “And you’re mommy’s little devil, for sure.”
“Whatever.  Guys don’t seem to mind me all that much.  In fact, they love me.  Don
:iconsrc4387:src4387 24 19
The Costume Shop Horrors
October 30th…
Beth Sweetin, with her anxious 8-year-old daughter, Mia, in the backseat, drove urgently around town in search of Halloween costumes.  Normally, Beth was a stickler of a planner and well prepared, but Halloween managed to creep up on her due to some hectic workdays.  Now, on the eve of the ghoulish holiday, Beth scrambled to find suitable costumes at the major chain stores, but all were either sold out or offered very limited options.
While she remained steadfast in assuring Mia that they’d find costumes in time for trick or treating the following day, panic gradually invaded Beth’s optimism.  And her panic was increased by a road-construction detour, which forced her to turn the car down an unfamiliar road lined by dilapidated, abandoned shops and untended grass and weeds.  Where the hell are we? Beth thought to herself.  She lived in this town for most of her life and never once set her eyes on this area before.  Ev
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Jacks and Jennys
Jacks and Jennys
Always be careful of what you say around public places as you never know whose listening.
“Now your girls better behave yourselves and look after the house and remember no alcohol and no parties. Promise” called a red haired woman as she hurried across the terminal with two girls one brunette and one blonde in tow.
“We promise”shouted the brunette as she and the blonde stopped and watched their mother disappear to catch her flight.
With no father around anymore, the mother had left the brunette, Amber Hart, 21 in charge of the house and in charge of looking after her young sister aged 18, Amy and while they mother had hurried to catch her flight Amber had promised to not bring or drink alocohol or have house parties in her mother’s absence but both daughters were unaware of an old lady watching and listening to every single word.
When both girls returned back to the house, Amy went straight to the kitchen and filled up the kettle.
:iconcolindaley:colindaley 29 0


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Amy carefully crept out of the elevator, making sure there wasn’t anyone around. The exhibit hall was eerily quiet except for the occasional moo, bray, or baa from the livestock. It was a strange sight seeing the hall so still without any of the bustling activity that normally happened during the day. As Amy took a few steps off of the carpeted elevator onto the cement floor of the hall, her hooves clacked loudly making her wince. She began taking slower, softer steps so not to draw any unwanted attention from the nearby livestock.


The coast seemed to be clear. Amy couldn’t see anyone in sight. She just had to make it across the massive hall and out the back doors where her car was only about 20 feet away. For the first time since she began transforming earlier in the day, she felt a slight sense of relief – that she could just get out of there without anyone seeing what she had become. She could get to the comfort and privacy of her apartment and hopefully figure out a way to change herself back to the beautiful woman she had been. There had to be a way!


As Amy began trekking across the hall, trying to be as quiet as possible, her heightened senses began picking up a variety of smells. But it was strange – she didn’t seem to notice the pungent smell of the livestock like she had that morning, or even the dirty smell her body was putting out that afternoon as her fur grew in. Amy lifted an arm and took a whiff of her hairy armpit.


“Huh, I don’t smell that bad now. Ugh, I must be getting used to being around these smelly animals!”


But as Amy took in a deep breath of the hall air, she picked up on how much sweeter and fresh the hay smelled. However, mixed in with the aromatic hay was a more penetrating smell. It was a musky scent that seemed to be coming from another section of the hall.


“Oh…oooh what is that smell? It’s…intoxicating.”


As if being drawn in by a tractor beam, Amy began taking in deep whiffs of the air, trying to follow the scent. She picked up her stride, hooves clacking more loudly on the floor. It was making her warm all over and she couldn’t shake the effect the smell was having on her. Shaking her head, she tried to fight the urge she had to follow the smell.


“No! I’ve got to get out of here! Got to get home...”


She was halfway across one of the main aisles when suddenly she stopped in her tracks. Eyes glazed over, Amy took another large, hypnotic breath of the smell. She had no idea why she felt the need to stop, but it almost seemed instinctual.  A tightness pushed into her ass as her tail rose up behind her.


“What am I doing?” Amy confusingly questioned to herself.


In response to her question, without even thinking, Amy’s swollen, black anus opened up and manure began to drop from her ass onto the clean cement floor. Her stomach gurgled as she instinctively pushed her rear out allowing more manure to plop out of her.




“Mmmm….ooooohh God… OH GOD!!!” Amy snapped out of her hypnotic state and realized what she had just done as her tail lowered back down. Looking at the floor behind her, Amy’s eyes went wide in horror and her mouth dropped.




Amy’s stomach rumbled again as if in response to her question. Looking closer at the pile of droppings at her feet and then over at another pile beneath a horse not far from her, she realized that her droppings looked exactly like clumps of donkey manure – not human feces.


“Ugh, I think I’m gonna vomit! My…my poop looks like…manure… My organs are changing?!! It’s getting worse!! I…I’m starting to act like a donkey! NO! I…I’m a woman! I have to resist this!”


“Dooooon’t feel tooooooo embarrassed Amy. I dropped a big cow patty over there earlier.”


Amy spun around, shocked to see a large brown bull standing upright near one of the cow stalls not far away. The bull was very strange looking, however, and seemed to be more of a humanoid creature. He looked more like a large linebacker, but was covered in brown fur except just around his face. Although his jaw line was more cow-like and his nose had become more bulbous with flared nostrils, he still had a rather human face – a face that Amy knew quite well. It was her boss, Bob.


“Wow, yoooooouuuu’re becoming the sexiest donkey I’ve ever seen…”


“Bob?! Y…you too…?”


“I dooooon’t know what happened Amy. I was feeling hot this afternooooooon during our meeting. Later, in my office, I began itching and my pants felt tight…”

“But you went home!”


“I did. And it just got worse. Everything started….grooooowing! Horns, tail, ears, hooves. I got bigger…” Bob’s concentration faded as he took a whiff of air and saw a heifer release a stream of urine in the next stall over. Without hesitation, a massive bull penis slid out of Bob’s hairy sheath that hung from his belly. He seemed a little embarrassed standing in front of Amy with a full erection.


“Sorry Amy…I can’t help it.”


“Why is this happening to us Bob?!” Amy said, almost on the verge of tears.


“It’s sooooooo strange. I dooooon’t knooooow. I…I just felt the urge to come back here…”


A stream of snot dripped down from his bovine snout as he took another whiff of the heifer 5 feet from him. A large tongue rolled out of his mouth and licked the snot off his nose. Amy cringed a bit at the sight.


“There has to be a way to stop this!” Amy exclaimed.


Bob lumbered over to the next stall where the heifer was, sniffing the air again.


“It’s no use Amy. Doooooon’t fight it.” Bob said as he bent down behind the heifer and proceeded to give her large vagina a slimy lick.


Amy was disgusted by the sight of her former boss licking a cow’s rear end and turned away. “Yuck! Bye Bob...”


She spotted the back doors of the hall where she knew her car wasn’t far away. Hooves clacking, she began zigzagging in between stalls as she worked her way to the doors. Amy moved as quickly as she could but her larger ass and paunchy belly took some getting used to and that didn’t help. She remained focused on getting out of there until the scent that had mesmerized her earlier suddenly hit her again like a ton of bricks. Amy stopped dead in her tracks as the scent, much stronger now, overwhelmed her. Where was it coming from?!


Amy looked over to her left and finally found the source of the smell – it was from a row of other donkeys. A sense of dread fell over her as she could feel a tingle traveling through her. It was a feeling of warmth, comfort – an urge that told her she needed to be closer to them. She looked back to her right and saw the doors, not far from her, leading out to the parking lot where her car was only a matter of feet away. The musky scent of the donkeys wafted back across her nose, turning her attention away from the doors.


“I have to fight this! I…I have to get out of here!” Amy tried to plead with herself.


But the new instincts she was feeling were just too strong and she felt her body drawn over to the stalls. Amy drank in the alluring scent, tracking it down to a familiar looking male donkey – the same one she had petted earlier that morning.


*Moan* “Ugh, it’s you… Remember me? I’m a little different now…”


The jack just looked at her inquisitively, seemingly uninterested in her presence. Amy couldn’t help but lean in towards him, smelling his coat of sweaty fur. Her tail swung behind her as she began to feel flustered.


“Ooooohh…*Moan* God I feel hot!”


Amy scratched at the fur on her ass with one stiff hand while she wiped a bead of sweat off of her fuzzy forehead. The tingling sensation grew within her as her loins began to burn. She could feel a dank wetness form across her vagina and a temptation to rub herself overwhelmed her. Her fingers slid around her furry ass, sinking between her butt cheeks and into her vagina as she tried to relieve the sensation. Amy knew that it was a bad idea for her to be near the jack, but she couldn’t move.


*Moooooann* “Ooooohh fuck! I…I’m HORNY!” Amy shoved her whole hand into her meaty black vagina, pumping as feverously as she could. Her hand felt very stiff and she knew she couldn’t keep pleasuring herself for long.


“UGH! I’m getting horny from a donkey! I have to get over this!”


But it was no use. No matter how much she tried to fist herself, it wasn’t relieving the lustful sensation filling her body. Amy looked down at the jack’s flaccid penis hanging from the underside of his belly and bit her lip, knowing it was the only way.


“God, you’re big! I can’t believe I’m doing this… But…I can’t help it!! I…I need you to fuck me!!”


She moved over to the front of the jack, loosened the halter from around his neck, and untied it from the stall railing. Amy moved over to the two bales of hay in the corner of the stall and propped herself up on it. She spread her legs and bent over, presenting her hairy ass to the donkey. Looking back at him, Amy was confused to see that the jack didn’t even look that interested in her.


“What’s the matter with you?!” Amy yelled. The jack stepped forward and bent his head down towards her wet vagina, taking another whiff, but just stepped back again.


“UGH! You stupid donkey! C’mon! I…I want you to mount me!”


Amy felt so embarrassed to be doing this. She was a woman! A professional! Yet here she was, turning into an animal and begging for a donkey to fuck her! It was so wrong! So…disgusting! But she couldn’t help it. The feelings surging through her were too overwhelming.


She reached a hand back to her vagina and rubbed it, trying to get the jack’s attention. Much to her surprise, Amy suddenly felt the lips of her vagina spasm and her clit began winking in and out of her.


“Why isn’t this working?! I must not smell right to him…”

Amy looked back towards the jack and suddenly felt like she needed to do something.


The narration from the video she had seen earlier suddenly popped into her mind – “…it is customary for the jenny to signal her readiness to be mounted.”


Instinctively, she spread her legs and raised her tail up in the air, knowing how to get his attention. “Of course! How could I forget…” she thought to herself.


“Hey! Look! Over here! I have something for you! HEE HAW!” Amy screamed as her voice cracked into a loud bray.

As soon as the bray escaped her mouth, Amy sprayed a warm stream of urine out of her vagina in the direction of the jack. The pungent smell wavered across her nose, making her cringe a bit, as the yellow stream tapered off and dripped onto the backs of her legs.


“Ewww! This is SO disgusting!” Amy exclaimed in frustration.


But the jack didn’t think it was gross at all. In fact, Amy’s urine had done exactly what she meant for it to do – get his attention. The jack stepped forward again, this time even closer, as he proceeded to shove his furry snout into Amy’s ass, drinking in her scent.


*Moan* “Oh yes! Agh, yes sniff me! See…I, ugh, I do smell like you… I…I’m a donkeEEEEE AWWW!”


The jack rolled out his thick tongue and began lapping at Amy’s thick, black vagina causing her to lower her head and moan even louder. But she was becoming restless, as good as the foreplay felt, she needed him IN her! Looking over her shoulder at the underside of the jack, she could see his large penis getting an erection.


“Argh, okay okay! Stop licking me! Just fuck me already!”


The jack moved forward, atop Amy and began probing her ass with his massive phallus, trying to find his mark. But that proved to be a difficult exercise as Amy’s rear and posture wasn’t quite right yet. She spread her legs apart a little more, opening up her moist privates, and began winking her clit faster. The jack slid past both of her butt cheeks a few times, wiping a little pre-cum on her hairy thighs, but just couldn’t find her vagina. He began to get restless as he probed Amy when a sudden, hard thrust landed his equine penis right smack dab into her puckered anus. Even though the flared head of his penis was larger than Amy’s anus, the force of the thrust plowed the head a few inches into her donut-shaped orifice, causing her eyes to bulge and a scream to escape her mouth. Thinking he had found his mark, the jack began pumping into Amy, sending his penis into her inch by inch with each thrust.


*Screeeeaaamm* “AAAAHHHH! NOOOO! OW OW HAAAAAWWWW!!” Amy’s cries of pain breaking out into another loud, uncontrollable bray. “NNGGGHH! THAT’S…NOT MY…HEE HAAAAWW…VAGINA!!”


Amy immediately reached a hand behind her, desperately trying to get the jack’s penis out of her anus. She grabbed a hold of the beefy tube and as the jack recoiled from one of his thrusts, she was able to pop his penis out of her rear end. The jack grunted at her while Amy let out of a sigh of relief. As a reaction to the pounding she had just taken, Amy felt her bowels surge forward as a few chunks of manure plopped out of her ass and her anus slowly closed back up to its normal, puckered size again.


*Groan* “Uggghh, this AWWful!” she moaned. “This can’t be happening to me!”

Amy caught her breath and realized she still felt very hot and horny. Looking behind her, she saw that the jack was still erect and about to start probing her again. He moved closer to her ass again and once more, she felt him start poking his dick around her butt cheeks.


“NO! Not in my ass again!” Amy yelled at the jack as she grabbed hold of his member.


Amy then gently began moving the large dick towards her dark, wet donkey vagina. A shiver went through her as the flared head rubbed across her folds for the first time. She slowly guided the member in past her folds and began to feel a slew of new sensations.


*Moooooaaann* “There…now gentle!” she warned the jack. “Oh God, I don’t know how that thing is going to fit inside of me…”


Amy had never felt anything like it in her life. Sure, she had slept with guys before and gotten some good fucks out of them, but nothing compared to this donkey penis. The pictures and videos she had seen earlier in her office didn’t do it justice either. The jack began to push his massive length into Amy’s new donkey vagina and found it to be a tight fit. It didn’t seem completely right to him, but as the jack began rocking back and forth into Amy, the walls of her virgin donkey pussy started to widen and reshape into a proper size for the female donkey she was becoming.


As Amy’s vagina filled out to its final donkey size, the jack began to pick up his rhythm, pushing into her harder with each thrust. Her stiffening black hands grabbed onto the hay bales harder and the initial pain she was feeling turned into a sense of ecstasy. The massive length of the jack’s penis felt so good, so strong inside of her. In the back of her mind, Amy knew what she was doing was wrong, but she couldn’t help it – having the jack inside of her felt natural and right to her changing form.


“Ooooooh! Oh YES! Harder! HAWWWRDER”


Amy groaned in ecstasy as the jack’s large penis slid in and out of her. Amy’s organs and genitalia had completely shifted, allowing her to feel the full pleasure of the beast pumping into her – having no problem fitting his organ inside of her as she had feared. Amy spread her stance a little wider and began pushing her ass closer to the jack’s hairy belly, taking as much of him inside of her as possible. She began rocking in unison with the creature on top of her, savoring each thrust as she learned how to have sex as a donkey for the first time.


“Gaaahh!” Amy exclaimed in surprise as she felt the jack’s hairy ball sack begin to slap against her own hairy thighs as they mated. “Y…yes! Fuck meEEE HAW!


Amy couldn’t believe how long the two of them were able to continue mating and she wasn’t even close to climaxing yet. Her stamina was increasing as more fur began to fill in across her sweaty body. Her vagina was dripping wet, making a slurping noise as the jack’s cum-slicked penis slid in and out.


As the jack thrust harder into her, Amy’s teeth began to thicken and become blocky, something more functional for chewing on hay, grass, and fruit. Her two front teeth grew into large ivory slabs that gave her agape face a cartoonish appearance.


“UGH! I feel so filthy! Thisth is the most disgusthing thing I’ve ever felth!!” Amy exclaimed as her speech began to become impaired.


Amy snorted and took in a deep breath, getting a strong whiff of the sweaty fur, piss, manure, and fluids that filled the air. She smelled awful.


“Oh fuck! I…STINK!... Ugh, I thsmell like an animal! HAW!”


Amy licked her lips and her thickening tongue brushed across her enlarged teeth for the first time, catching her attention.


“Wha…my teeth feel so laAWWrge!”


She stabilized herself with one hand on the bales of hay and reached up to her mouth, still rocking violently from the jack on top of her. It took a couple of moments to get her shaking hand and head to align with the thrusts, but she finally was able to feel her teeth.


“Oh fu…futh…fuckth!” she stammered, trying to spit out the word. “I have buck teef!!”


The sex was beginning to take its toll on Amy, furthering her transformation. With each thrust, Amy’s muscles began to thicken, primarily in her shoulders, upper arms, and legs. Her arms began to lengthen, causing her to push off of the bales of hay and land on her new front legs. As her shoulders bulged outwards with her hands landing on the ground, her tattered blouse split open down the middle of her back, revealing her thick black mane that ran down almost to the small of her back. Her torn blouse slid down her arms in two pieces, which Amy shook off onto the ground. Her longer arms, now turned legs, forced Amy’s posture to change as she naturally began to straighten out her knees, shoving her ass and genitals further up into the jack’s crotch. Her knees and hips popped and locked into place giving Amy the fully-formed rear end of a jenny.


“OOOOHH!!” Amy exclaimed as she felt the jack’s penis begin to slide even more fluidly in and out of her, realizing that her more donkey-like posture aligned her genitals more properly with her mate’s. “Oh…oh…OH HAAAAW! HEEE HAAAAW!! UH…UH…HAAAAW!!”


Amy clenched her fists, occasionally pawing at the ground with a grunt as she felt her hands harden more and more. Her black hands began to crystallize with a hard layer of keratin as they finished becoming hooves.


Tears began to well up in her eyes as Amy could feel the end coming, along with her climax. She knew that her humanity was quickly disappearing. Her neck began to thicken and lengthen, gray fur filling in along its length. The jack’s hard thrusts began to slow down, the final few thrusts filling out Amy’s barreled chest. Her body was completely that of a donkey, all the way up to her head. All that Amy had left was her beautiful face and her soft head of silky brown hair.


The jack thrust one last time into Amy, sending his massively flared head deep into her, making sure his seed would penetrate the depths of her body. Amy had one brief moment to catch her breath as the thrusting stopped. It reminded her of that split second moment of calmness you feel at the top of a roller coaster, just before plummeting over the edge of the hill. Amy’s life flashed before her eyes – the innocence of her childhood, how hard she worked to get a good education, slaving away at work to do the best job possible. What had she lived for? How could it all lead to this? It was all so perfect when she woke up this morning, having no idea it would be her last day as a woman.


But none of it mattered now. Little by little, her humanity was stripped away from her over the course of the day. Her hairy ears…her swaying tail…her black, leathery vagina…the braying, the pissing, the pooping…her entire smelly body. And here she was, bent over, with a donkey dick shoved up her ass. This was her new life.


She was a donkey now.


“Nnnngggh! Just…do it! HEE HAW!! Make me a donkey!!”


And with that, the jack’s penis erupted inside of her, shooting streams of hot seed deep into Amy. Her mouth fell open and tears streamed down her face as the sticky fluid flooded her body with warmth.




As the geyser of semen oozing into Amy began to taper off, the jack lowered his body off of hers and began to pull his penis out of her. With a final slurp, the flared head of his penis popped out of Amy’s vagina, strings of semen dripping off of its length. The thick, off-white cum seeped out of Amy’s rear end, a few globs of it pooling on the ground beneath her. As violated as Amy felt, deep down her new instincts told her to feel quite content with her sexual initiation into donkeyhood. In a bit of a daze, she had to let that sink in for a moment.


“I…I just let an animal fuck me… Oh my…” But Amy actually felt contentment.

“No. Ith okay…I’m a donkey now too. He is my mate.


Amy turned around, taking her first steps on her new front legs, and looked over at the jack who seemed satisfied with the pounding he had given her. She couldn’t help but look down at his flaccid dick, still surprised that she had had such a large thing shoved into her. Amy took a few steps towards the jack, causing a few more globs of semen to seep out of her vagina. She sniffed the air and noticed that the musky smell of the jack nor herself bothered her anymore. She took a more powerful whiff as her nostrils enlarged a little. Although she no longer felt disgusted by the dirty smell of animal sex that lingered around the stall, she did pick up on the aroma of the semen dripping from her ass and the jack’s penis. It smelled…good. Looking at the jack’s flaccid penis, a new instinct kicked in and suddenly Amy felt the need to reciprocate the feeling the jack had given her. The jack looked back at her, ears pivoted forward in curiosity.


“Ith okay… I…I haAAWWve to…wanth to…lick you…”


Amy winced as she lowered her head down under the jack, looking at his slimy dick with a bit of disgust, but a sense of lust. She couldn’t help but want to clean it off for him, opening her mouth and taking a long lick with her thickening tongue. Not even giving it a second thought that this thing had just been in her ass and vagina, Amy just instinctively lapped at the massive cock. She strained harder underneath her mate causing her neck to pop and elongate. The gray fur surrounding her shoulders climbed further up her neck as it lengthened with a series of wet pops.


*Mmmmm* she moaned.


The jack stayed surprisingly still as Amy gently licked his penis. A low bray rumbled past Amy’s lips as she savored the thick globs of cum. Her lips thickened and turned black as she wrapped them around the large dick.


She shifted her weight onto her left arm, now turned left leg, and raised her right one up and around the jack’s penis. Her fingers were now fused together in a hard shell of keratin so all Amy was able to do was wrap her wrist around the shaft and bring the head of the penis closer to her mouth. It seemed impossible that she was going to be able to fit the entire head into her mouth, but she stretched her mouth open as wide as she could and, surprisingly, she was able to fit it in.


The jack’s penis spasmed subtly as Amy wrapped her lips around its head, sending a few more thick globs of semen deep into her throat. She choked and gagged a little but just ended up swallowing the thick globs. It was a surprisingly savory, albeit salty taste that had the consistency of pudding.


Ugh, am I really doing this? Amy thought. I just swallowed an animal’s cum…and I like it!! Maybe this is isn’t so bad… No job to worry about…no responsibilities…no worrying about my figure or appearance. Just relaxing…sleeping…eating…mating…


Amy jerked her head back and forth, her still beautiful hair bouncing with each movement as she sucked on the jack’s penis. She unwrapped her black, rubbery lips from the head and began licking the length of the shaft. The gray fur that had begun growing down from her hairline and from the base of her ears started creeping further inwards across her forehead, cheeks, and jaw. She raised her head up into the dark, furry depths of the jack’s crotch and rubbed her face in his sweaty fur.


*Mmmmm* she moaned as she took a strong whiff of the jack’s crotch.


Amy’s mind became flooded with thoughts of lying out in a sunny pasture, the warmth of the sun soaking into her thick furry body like a blanket. She thought about how sweet the grass would be as she grazed. Her stomach rumbled in a quiet response as her chest barreled out a little further with her stomach and other organs having just finished growing into a donkey’s. Her mind drifted to having a strong jack approach her, sniffing her ass before leaping up on her back and plowing into her backside.


Ha! Even as an animal, the boys still won’t be able to get enough of my ass! She kidded in her mind. And there won’t be any of the annoyances of human guys…no dates, no small talk, no fights, no marriage…just raw sex. Better than any guy could give me.


Amy lowered her head back down from the jack’s crotch and sniffed his dank ball sack in curiosity. As she drew all of these new scents in, her nostrils stretched and enlarged a little more with each deep sniff. Her once petite nose had swollen into an amalgamation of a large human nose and a donkey muzzle.


A fine, gentle coating of white hairs began to grow along the bridge of her nose, along her upper lip, and down around her lower lip and chin. As the gray fur continued to creep further in, covering her face, a similar coating of soft white fur circled her eyes. Amy’s well-manicured brown eyebrows subtly lost their color and filled in the upper curves of the patches of white fur that now encircled her eyes.


Amy’s stomach rumbled and she pulled her head back out from underneath the jack. The jack looked back at her and gave her face a lick as a sort of thank you to her for the service she had just given his cock.


It was probably a good thing that there wasn’t a mirror nearby as Amy would have likely been ashamed at how she looked now. She was nearly entirely a donkey from her head down. Her ass, genitals, chest, legs (two of which were formerly her arms), neck, hooves, and ears were now completely asinine. The only human remnants of Amy were her face, eyes, and her silken, albeit sweaty, hair that still adorned her head, even though a thick black Mohawk parted it down the middle, running back down into her mane. Even her face was quickly losing its humanity as the fur took over and her nose enlarged. Her mouth felt swollen from how large her equine teeth now were and it seemed that her upper lip was bloating outward as it formed the soft flat tip of her muzzle.


“HEE HAW!” Amy’s uncontrollable brays began to take over as she tried to speak. “Ugh! My…faceth feelsth…HAW…funny…”


With a loud wet pop, Amy’s chin jutted outward making her squint. The sensation wasn’t painful, it just felt like an invisible force was pushing her skull out from the inside of her body. As her jaw thickened and pulled her skin taught, the bridge of her nose began to widen and flatten. Amy’s eyes bulged wide as the bridge of her nose pushed them apart, splitting her vision. A few tears ran down from her eyes as her face continued to stretch outward into a donkey’s, but deep inside she felt a peace rush over her body.


It’s going to be okay, Amy. You’re an animal now. Life will be so much simpler than it was as a human.


As her face slowed its transformation, Amy’s brown hair gently began falling from her head. At first in thicker, matted clumps, and then strand by strand, her beautiful hair drifted down onto the hay covered floor of the stall. As the last strands of her hair left her scalp, her head was covered in a thick coating of gray fur to match the rest of her body.


With that, there was only one characteristic of her humanity left – her sultry brown eyes. Although her body was no longer any different than the average jennet, Amy’s eyes were still window into her soul. She still had many parts of her human mind intact but she doubted it would last. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad.


It’s over… I’m a donkey.


Amy took a few steps, turning around in the stall, caught off guard by the heavy weight of her new body. She wobbled for a moment, her large ass swaying back and forth, before getting her balance.


She was exhausted. It had been an intense day. It boggled her mind that she had begun her day as a beautiful woman and now she was ending it as a smelly donkey. But it didn’t matter anymore.


“Hey, I thought I only left one of you here earlier…” a voice said behind her.


Amy turned her long neck around and looked back, her eyes focusing on the person standing behind her. It was Jim.


“HEE HAW!” she tried to plead to him.


Jim! Oh God! Please help me!


Jim looked into Amy’s eyes, seeing that they weren’t typical of a donkey’s and then looked around the stall. He saw her tattered blouse and the remnants of her hair on the ground.


“Oh gosh, Amy! Oh Amy…I…I’m so sorry…”


Although he couldn’t read her mind, he seemed to know what she must be feeling. Kneeling down he took her head in his hands and looked her in the eyes.


“I…I couldn’t stop him, Amy. I never wanted this to happen to you. I…I just couldn’t stop him.”


“HAAAWW!” She knew it had to be Archer he was referring to.


“He has my sister, Amy. I have to do whatever he says.”


You could have warned me, you bastard!


Jim proceeded to unbutton his coveralls and lowered them to his ankles. As soon as he did, Amy could smell a scent wafting from Jim’s crotch. Looking down at him, she noticed a massive bulge filling out his underwear, which seemed to be too large for him. He lowered his briefs revealing a meaty, mottled black and white equine penis, just like the one that Amy had been fucked with shortly ago.


Oh Jim…


Amy took a sniff of his penis and couldn’t help but feel turned on by it.


“He blackmailed me, Amy. And this is his insurance policy.” Jim said lifting his flaccid dick. “He’s crazy…But I promise I am going to try fixing this…you…us. I just don’t know how yet.”


Ugh, you’re making me horny… fuck me Jim. Please!


Amy instinctively turned her large rear end around to face Jim, giving him a whiff of her moist sex. He wrinkled his nose in response. He definitely didn’t have the animalistic sense of smell like she had.


“No Amy…I…can’t…”




“Well… I have to admit that as soon as I saw you this morning I wanted to. I…I just didn’t think it would be this way. I guess I should at least put this monstrosity to use anyways…”








6:00 am.


The alarm clock buzzed loudly making the 32 year old woman roll over in bed with a groan as she fumbled to shut the annoying alarm off. Her long, dark blonde hair was a mess, but still looked sexy as she slowly sat up and rubbed her eyes. She swung her legs out from under the covers and stabbed her feet at her slippers trying to slide them on.


It was so early to be waking up on a Saturday morning, but unfortunately she had work to attend to. The glamorous life of a journalist.


Over the course of the next hour, Jennifer Stevenson took a shower and got herself into some comfortable clothes. Even though she had to work today, at least she could do so from the comfort of her apartment.


Sitting down at her desk with a cup of coffee, she logged onto her computer and pulled up her work email, but was met with an error when trying pull in the new messages awaiting her. Her brow furrowed and she grabbed her cell phone, scanning through her contacts list for a certain person. She found who she was looking for and fired a text message off to them. A few minutes later, her phone rang.


“Hey Scott, I –“


“Yeah I already know, Jen. We had some issues with the server last night, but just got it back online. Try shutting your machine down and rebooting it. That ought to refresh your email browser.”


“Thanks! I can always count on you guys!”

Scott, her department IT guy hung up the phone.


Jen went through rebooting her computer and brought the email browser back up, successfully pulling in the messages that hadn’t made it to her overnight. It was typical for journalists to have a ton of emails over the course of a day and she made a quick scan of the senders. A lot of emails she usually got were bullshit stories that weren’t worth her time periodically she did get a bite on something worth looking into. Looking through the 30 emails that had poured in since she left work yesterday evening she came across a familiar name – Amy Porter.


That was odd. Amy wasn’t one to email her. Usually if she wanted to chat, she would just shoot her a text and even that was rare since they were both so busy with work.


Jen clicked on the email and began reading. At first she thought it was a joke, but she grew more concerned with each sentence she read.


“Really, Amy? What are you up to?”


Jen skeptically finished reading Amy’s frantic email and proceeded to open the attachments. Her eyes went wide as she clicked through them.


“Oh my God…”


She grabbed her phone and quickly scrolled down to Amy’s number and dialed it. There was no answer, not ever her voicemail prompt came up.


“Weird…” Jen hung up and figured she would try back a little later.


She looked over the email again and bit her lip as she pulled up her web browser and began typing.


“Earl Archer… Let’s see who you are…”



To Be Continued…

A Pain In the Ass - The Final Chapter
(Woman to Donkey TF)

Amy is a successful event coordinator at a metropolitan convention center. Sometimes her drive to do a great job leads to her interfering with other people's agendas which is exactly what happens when she finds herself fall victim to a larger nefarious plot by a farming tycoon during the annual livestock show that is being held at the convention center.


**WARNING: This series contains sexually explicit/graphic content including sexual acts, intercourse, water sports, scat, and expletives. Please DO NOT read beyond Part I if you are offended by these themes.

You have been warned. Thank you!
Just wanted to let everyone know that I am hoping to have part 4 - the final chapter - of A Pain In the Ass finished before the end of the weekend. Don't hold me to it, but that's my plan.

After that, I'll have to see what's next. Haven't decided on which project follow.

Thank you to everyone for the great feedback, support, and patience! You guys and gals rock!

Question for all of my female watchers out there (if I have any):

As I wrap up my "Pain In the Ass" series, I have been toying with the idea of attempting to turn it into an audio story. I'd like to gauge interest to see if any of you ladies out there would like to lend your voice talents to such a project? In addition to the main character, there would be smaller roles for other characters that I plan to develop over future spinoff stories. Your involvement would be kept anonymous unless you prefer otherwise and portions of the story that you might consider too graphic could be omitted. Right now, I'm just seeing if there are any remotely interested people.

This may also apply to male characters as well, but for now, I'd like to find out if any ladies are interested. This project may or may not happen as it will be a large undertaking to edit properly.

If you might be up for it, please send me a note.

For all the fans of my "A Pain In the Ass" series, check out my gallery, labeled as the "Mysterious Album," over on Transgenic Industrial (TGI) for a special new manip inspired by the story.


Just wanted to let everyone know that I am hoping to have part 4 - the final chapter - of A Pain In the Ass finished before the end of the weekend. Don't hold me to it, but that's my plan.

After that, I'll have to see what's next. Haven't decided on which project follow.

Thank you to everyone for the great feedback, support, and patience! You guys and gals rock!



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